Her Lectures

Fats as a True Aids - Three Lectures by Dr. Johanna Budwig

A pioneer in nutrition, lipid researcher, and inventor-  Dr. Johanna Budwig (1908–2003) was a versatile, talented character. A strong woman, who dedicated her life's work to flax seed oil and its healing properties.Tirelessly this scientist traveled the world into her golden years, accepting invitations to hold her captivating lectures before audiences of her peers. True to her motto, "what is true shall remain true," and in defiance of her critics, Dr. Johanna Budwig presented her sensational finding in numerous lectures to audiences of all kinds.


Fette als wahre Hilfe gegen Arteriosklerose, Herzinfarkt, Krebs u.a.
Diesen Vortrag hielt Dr. Johanna Budwig erstmals am 02. November 1959 im Kongresshaus in Zürich (und später an zwanzig anderen Orten in der Schweiz)

“Beim Herzinfarkt zeigt das anatomische Bild, dass nichts anderes Außergewöhnliches zu sehen ist als das Nahrungsfett, hartes Fett, das den sonst mageren Herzmuskel umklammert, bannt und an der Aktion stört. Bei der Rheuma-Erkrankung zeigt der Muskel als einziges Kriterium, das den kranken Muskel von dem gesunden Muskel unterscheiden lässt, ausgesondertes Fett - ...”

The sun’s energy against cancer- Is the sun suddenly no longer good?
Dr. Johanna Budwig originally held this lecture on 17, June 1966, within the framework of the 2nd Biotechnical Week in Nevilles.

[...] the subtopic about which I shall speak today- namely, ‘what can a person do to prevent and [to] heal cancer”- essentially pertains to only a fraction of the big picture, since cancer presents an advanced development resulting from the disruption of healthy living. So when I say that I want to talk about the healthy functions of human beings within the cosmic framework of matter and radiation and electromagnetic fields, it means the same as when I talk about the prevention and healing of cancer in patients. It’s as simple as that.

Fats syndrome and photons of solar energy

 Dr. Johanna Budwig held this lecture on 6. April, 1972, at the eighth conference „Vie et Action” in Tours. "The sun’s rays reach Earth as an inexhaustible source of energy The power sources in mineral oil, coal, in green plant-foods and fruits are depend on the energy supply from the solar radiation."