Fats syndrome and photons from solar energy

"The sun’s rays reach Earth as an inexhaustible source of energy. The power sources in mineral oil, coal, in green plant-foods and fruits are depend on the energy supply from the solar radiation A Japanese physicist announced in 1960: " God was truly creative when He said: Let there be light. "[...]

[...] Light is the fastest messenger from star to star. A greater speed than that of light does not exist. Light rushes along with time. It lives eternally. Physicists as well emphasize, that the photon, the quantum, the most minute particle of a sunbeam, is eternal. Without photons, life is inconceivable. They are perpetually in motion. Their movement is unimpeded. Photons are filled with color. They can, when present in large numbers, change color and frequency. The photon is recognized as the purest form of energy; the purest wave and, continually in motion, it can combine in resonance with a second photon to form a ‘short-life' particle. This particle-known as an "O" particle- can once more break itself down into two photons, which have no mass, as pure wave in movement. This forms the basis for the wonderful interplay between light and matter. It is not possible to pinpoint the location of a photon. The theory of relativity rests on this foundation. The photon, the smallest quantum of sunlight, gave rise to Max Planck's and Einstein's formation of the quantum theory which is of such significance today. This photon, so animated, so dynamic, so powerful, can be captured by suitable electrons. What does this mean?

[...] Electrons love photons. They attract the photons by means of their magnetic fields. When an electrical charge moves, this always produces a magnetic field. Moving photons also possess magnetic fields. Both fields; the magnetic field of the electron and that of the photon, attract each other, when their wavelengths are in agreement.  [...]

The sun’s rays are very much in accord with humans. It is no coincidence that we love the sun. The resonance in our biological matter is so strongly attuned to absorb the sun's energy that those physicists- also called quantum biologists- who concern themselves with this scientifically complex field, say that: There is nowhere else on earth where the sun’s energy is found in a higher concentration than in mankind. This accumulation of the sun's energy- very much an iso-energetic point for humans, with their eminently suitable wavelengths- is enhanced when we consume food which has electrons which in turn attract the electromagnetic waves of sunbeams, of photons. A great amount of these electrons which are in accordance with the wavelength of the sun's energy, are to be found, for example, in seed oils. Technically speaking, these oils are even known as electron-rich essential highly unsaturated fats. However, when people began refining fats to make them less perishable; no one stopped to consider the consequences of this for the existence and higher development of the human race. These vitally important electrons, with their perpetual movement and wonderful reaction to light, were destroyed. [...]

[...] Now it is very interesting to examine our food from this stand point. Fats which have had their electron structure destroyed for the purpose of making them last longer – preventing oxygen from being absorbed- have a very detrimental effect on human beings who, with their wealth of electrons, live towards the future. [...] Fats interfere with the electron exchange taking place in living organisms, as they function like a tar coating, insulating the conductivity of electrons, deadening vital functions at the very commencement of their effectiveness- for example, in the organs and active areas of growth, as well as the whole person. Tars were among the first substances to be identified as carcinogens. What is cancer? Food, which has been stripped of its electron wealth, promotes [...] the occurrence of cancer. This includes hydrogenated fats and oils, for instance. They are electron deficient and act as insulating tar on processes such as the transport and accumulation of electrons in the living organism. Electron-rich food, electron-rich highly unsaturated oils, natural aromas from herbs and spices, from fruits which are rich in aroma and natural dyes from the color of the sunlight's photons-these all support the absorption, storage and utilization of the sun's energy.

The end goal, set by the individual who chooses, or planned by the state and food industries, should be to ensure that the food which we consume serves to provide us with a wealth of electrons. Electron-rich nutrition which supplies us with the resonance system for the sun's energy, must once more be given priority. Such foods promote our sun-attuned energy. This in turn promotes our development, in space and time, into the future. It supports the whole being in growth and continuing to develop further until, in accordance with the laws of nature which govern light and life, the highest level of our being is reached."