If one were to ask Dr. Johanna Budwig today how she would summarize her philosophy in a single short sentence, she probably would answer: "Eat yourself healthy." Numerous studies have proven that the daily consumption of healthy fats is very important even for healthy people to prevent the development of diseases which plague modern civilization and to remain healthy in the long term.

Prevention in general

A varied and balanced diet, rich in healthy fatty acids and vital substances, is regarded as the best form of prevention for the development of many diseases of modern civilization.


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Generation 50plus

The daily intake of a wide range of valuable fatty acids - integrated into a lacto-vegetabile diet - is considered an optimal preventative healthcare for the generation 50plus.






Children and adolescents

An adequate supply of polyunsaturated omega-3 fatty acids is of great importance for the physical and mental development of children and adolescents.





For women

A balanced, whole food diet along with the regular intake of healthy fatty acids promote happiness and overall well-being in women.





For Men

The regular consumption of healthy nutrients, supplemented with healthy, valuable fatty acids, contributes to maintaining men's performance and health.



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