Prevention in Men

For men's health

Especially with regard to their professional lives, the expectations put on men have risen sharply - vitality as well as physical and mental performance are of great importance. In order to maintain performance and physical and mental well-being, a balanced and healthy diet is a prerequisite. Harmful environmental influences along with stress increase our need for vital nutrients.

The physical requirement regarding nutrients and fatty acids differ between men and women. These differences can be attributed mainly to the differences in their hormone systems.

Men are more frequently affected by prostate diseases (benign enlargement, prostatitis, and prostate cancer) as well as diseases of the cardiovascular system (the main cause of death in men).

Therefore, it is very important that men supply themselves with vital nutrients that support good prostate and bladder health along with a stable cardiovascular system.

Maintaining good prostate and bladder health with lignans

Prostate tissue may begin to enlarge starting as soon as the age of 35.  Starting a diet which promotes good prostate health early could contribute to the prevention of prostate disease. This is where so-called lignans (phytoestrogens) become an important nutrient. They have a strong effect on the bladder and prostate and perform important protective and repair tasks.

The richest source of lignans are flax seeds. They contain - compared to other vegetable sources - 75 times to 800 times of lignans.

Supporting the cardiovascular system

The most important and most common change in our arteries is atherosclerosis. Atherosclerosis contributes not only to increased constriction of the vessels, but can also lead to a sudden rupture of the vessel’s surface. This can lead to an acute vascular occlusion and possibly result in a heart attack.

The risk of heart attack increases with age. Age Independent risk factors for developing atherosclerotic disease include a family history of heart disease, stress, smoking, some medications, psychosocial factors, lack of exercise, and an unhealthy diet deficient in essential fatty acids and abundant with trans fats.

Healthy fats

A proper diet with an adequate supply of essential fatty acids is certainly one of the most important prerequisites in preventing diseases.

Healthy fats are an important energy source for our bodies. However, they also make up part of our cell walls, the building blocks of some hormones, and are essential for absorbing fat-soluble vitamins (vitamins D, E, A and K) which we take in through our diets.

Primarily unsaturated fatty acids are important for us. This includes vital, in other words essential, alpha-linolenic acid (ALA).

Of all of the vegetable oils, flax seed oil has the highest content of alpha-linolenic acid (ALA) with it making up almost 60%. It is one of the polyunsaturated omega-3 fatty acids and is involved in fat metabolism and is important for maintaining the structure and function of cell membranes. The elasticity of the membranes is extremely important in the case of red blood cells. Healthy blood flow which is capable of reaching even the smallest vessels ensures optimum oxygenation of the surrounding tissues. Receiving an optimal fatty acid mixture of fatty acids contributes to the maintenance of normal blood cholesterol levels and helps to prevent, among other conditions, cardiovascular disease.

Take good care of your digestive tract!

Whether our cells actually benefit from the food we consume each day, depends largely on our intestinal health. The decisive factor is our intestines’ ability to absorb the nutrients that we eat. Dr. Johanna Budwig, thus, recommended daily consumption of fresh sauerkraut juice or sour milk to maintain our intestines and their intestinal flora. Furthermore, the regular consumption of dietary fiber plays an important role in healthy bowel function. Therefore, an integral part our daily diet should include 1-2 tablespoons of shredded and fortified flax seed, blended into a Budwig cream, made of quark and flax seed oil, or in Muttersaft (pure, unfiltered, unsweetened first-press juice of a fruit or berry) such as Fermentgold.

It's all in the mix

Ingesting a wide range of valuable fatty acids is essential. Energetic oil compositions make excellent sources of these vital nutrients.

The nutrients necessary for men to maintain their good health can be found, for example, in quality vegetable oils such as flax seed, pumpkin seed oil, argan oil, sesame oil, walnut oil, and sunflower oil.

  • Pumpkin seed oil has a favorable composition of fatty acids and known to have a variety of important nutrients. The oil contains both unsaturated and polyunsaturated fatty acids, such as oleic acid and linoleic acid. It supplies the body with vitamins A, B, C, D, and E. The cholesterol-free pumpkin seed oil is used to treat incontinence, cystitis, along with irritable bladder and prostate conditions. The oil helps to reduce cholesterol, aids with high blood pressure, and regulates fat metabolism.

  • With its high content of vitamin E, as well as rare and valuable phytosterols (spinasterol and schottenol), argan oil has been shown to be therapeutically effective against skin diseases, rheumatism, heart disease, and even cancer. It prevents coronary heart disease, Alzheimer’s type dementia, prostate cancer, and joint disease. The highly effective antioxidants contained in the oil also prevent premature skin aging.

  • The beneficial fat composition of sesame oil has a positive effect on blood clotting and strengthens cardiac activity. It helps prevent osteoporosis, strengthens bones and teeth, and lowers cholesterol. These high-quality ingredients promote the growth of cells and reduce the risk of developing atherosclerosis.

  • In addition to essential omega-3 fatty acids, walnut oil is very high in vitamins of the B group. These vitamins are responsible among other things for maintaining the function of nerve cells and brain activity. Regular consumption of walnut oil strengthens the immune system and supports physical and mental performance. Walnut oil has a hypotensive effect, activates fat metabolism, and prevents the onset of cardiovascular disease. It alleviates skin irritation and stimulates the skin’s regeneration processes.

The bottom line

Many diseases can be prevented by eating a well-balanced, healthy diet. The flip side of this is that many diseases which plague our modern civilizations, such as cardiovascular disease and metabolic conditions in particular, are caused by improper nutrition. Men, who take care of themselves, tend to live healthier, longer lives and continue having more fun well into old age.