Quality Standards

The Bottom-line is Quality

Not all flax seed oil was created equally. This was the fundamental conclusion which Dr. Johanna Budwig came to after many years of long and extensive research. High-grade flax seed oil must meet certain quality and energy requirements. In order to maintain the extraordinary electron richness of the flax seed oil, quality standards were defined, recorded, and provided by Dr. Johanna Budwig herself. She devoted special attention, in particular, to the following aspects:



1.   The cultivation

Since the flax seeds themselves are the base materials - they must be of the highest quality. Therefore, Dr. Johanna Budwig worked exclusively with certified organic flax farmers. She only trusted flax farmers who cultivated their crops exactly according to the conditions laid out by her criteria.

2. The blend of flax seeds

According to Dr. Johanna Budwig, high-quality flax seed oil is determined by a proper and consistent ratio of different types flax seeds. This proportion was predetermined by Dr. Johanna Budwig. The oil should contain no chemical or other additives and should not be subjected to filtration or heat treatment processes. 

3.    The pressing process

The original Dr. Budwig pressing method was developed by Dr. Johanna Budwig herself over the course of the past century. The pressing process is an all-natural and very gentle method, which can still be applied today to obtain the best tasting and quality results.

4. The flavor

Since hardly any bitter substances are released through the pressing process, the oil retains only a mild flavor. Therefore, chemical treatment to remove any bitter taste is not necessary.

5.  Quality assurance

Consistently high standards are maintained through regular quality checks of the texture and flavor, as well as screenings for heavy metal, free fatty acid, and peroxide contents. These results are regularly analyzed and evaluated.

6.  Protective measures

One of the first steps in protecting the oil from oxidation is to shield it from light. Additionally, adhering to the cold storage standard ensures the longest possible stable quality. 

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